An API hit is a single call to the ParallelDots API endpoint containing up to 600 characters. If a document contains more than 600 characters, it counts as one API hit for each 600 characters. For example, if you send three requests to any of the ParallelDots API that contains 250, 550, and 800 characters respectively, you would be charged for four (4) API hits: one for the first request (250), one for the second request (550), and two for the third request (800).

A single call to Named Entity Recognition (NER) API endpoint is counted as three (3) hits for the purpose of quota calculation. For example, the input statement ‘Apple was founded by Steve Jobs in California’ will return Apple as an organization, Steve Jobs as name and California as the place. This will be counted as three hits to the NER API, even though a single sentence is passed to the API.

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